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“Challenges are simply ...challenges.” -Carlos Castaneda

If you adopt that attitude, all things are possible. The full quote is:

“Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply ...challenges.” -Carlos Castaneda

But I know people that are adamant that challenges are bad. Their life is in alignment with that thought process.

I have spent a LOT of time in the past few years in different courts dealing with various challenges. Most recently, I was in family court.

9:24 am arrival.

I sat. I completed forms. I submitted forms. I waited. I went to the ladies room. I returned.

10:24 am My daughter slept. I read. I rescheduled appointments. I checked emails. I returned phone calls.

11:24 am My daughter woke up. She ate. She read. She filled out different forms. We talked. She went to the ladies room.

12:00 pm The security guard/receptionist says to me, “Can I ask you a personal question?” “Sure” I respond. “Why aren’t you married yet?” My face says, “HUH?” “Well,” he continues, “it is clear that you are a good woman and mother. You have been so patient and never complained.” “Oh, well I brought plenty of things that need to be read or completed and I have taken the day off so it is not a big deal.” “No miss, it really is a big deal. Let me get your name again so I can call and see what the holdup is.” I smile brightly, give him my name and thank him.

12:20 pm It looks like everyone is now out to lunch. There are literally only 2 other people in the waiting room beside my daughter and myself. Sigh.

12:25 pm Receptionist comes back. “You are still here?! Oh no let me call her again. This is ridiculous.” “Thank you.” He comes back and informs me that she will be right here and explains that she had gotten her “feathers ruffled by another family that was waiting.” I nod, and recall the scene from about 30 minutes prior.

Loudness. Threats. “She is lucky there are cops in this building. She ain’t got no gun. All that damn attitude, she needs to be dealt with.” Whispers. More loudness. “If she comes back to court with you on Monday, she will be escorted out of the building.”

12:30 pm Officer Lean arrives and apologizes. We chat. We head off to her office. We handle our business.

1:00 pm We leave. We thank Officer Lean and the receptionist, Carl, as we leave.

Alignment. Thoughts.

“Challenges are simply ...challenges.” -Carlos Castaneda

It was not big deal because we did not make it one. And more importantly, me holding my energy brought about positive results. My thoughts are in alignment with who I am.

What are your challenges? How are you feeling about them? Victory is yours if you make it a game. Play with life. It is a game. Games are fun. Regardless of the outcome, have fun with the process. Having fun brings you joy. Tag you're it. Last one in is a rotten egg!



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