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I get a lot of comments and questions often about how I remain calm. I take my medicine daily. Punto final. Yoga is my medicine and Bikram yoga specifically.

I have learned SO much about myself in the hot room. I found magic and peace in the hot room. When my world is crazy it is a constant. When people were dying. When people we taking their own lives... I knew and still know that I could walk into a yoga studio and find peace. It is my 90 minute moving meditation.

My secret... I walk in the room and surrender. I do not always WANT to go. I do NOT always feel as though I am physically capable. I do NOT always have the time. BUT yoga fills my tank, it charges my battery. I like feeling good so yoga is the medicine I take EVERY day. #yogaeverydamnday

What is your "medicine?" Do you know? If yes... FABULOUS! If you do not know, I will hold the intention that you will find that thing that fills your tank. You have an open invitation to take some of my medicine! You can even take a class that I am teaching. I LOVE taking and teaching yoga. I LOVE connecting people to their joy.



Chief Joy Connector

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