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101 Ways to Live Life INjoy


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With a regular joy practice, you can attain joy. Written by an author who has been through more than her fair share of loss and tragedy, Dionne openly shares a host of small things, actions, and inspiration from others that helped her build her own Joy Practice. If she can get through deep grief, loss, and sadness, so can you.

As you delve deeper into this book, you’ll realize that, as Dionne often says, joy is your birthright and transformation is possible, regardless of what life has thrown you or where you are right now in your journey.


florida water

$25/ 4 fl oz


Florida Water is used commonly amongst black and Latin Caribbean countries some for spiritual reasons. Dionne has been making her own for over a year now and her clients connect with it as a feel good, energy clearing spray as well as the room freshener

Each batch is handmade from dried fresh flowers & essential oils, and bottled in spirits for at least a week before they're bottled and sold.

The whole process takes 3 weeks depending on the flowers she has at that time.



"I have been purchasing Dionne's essential oil sprays for many years. My favorite is her Gardenia and Florida Water blend. It is so aromatic and refreshing! People stop me on the street all the time and ask me what scent I am wearing. In addition to just how delicious it smells, you only need to use a little bit so it lasts a very long time!" 

"It's perfect!I've always used Florida Water as a room spray. I don't like the regular Florida Water because it has too much alcohol, which why i was so excited you made this - it's the perfect balance and it's got a kick!"


Reverend Nafisa Sharriff

Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. - Founder & CEO


Susan G, NYC

"Dionne is a medicine woman, healer, and joy magnifier. With love and openness, she held space for me through the grief of the 2 year commemoration of my mother's physical death. Dionne prepared and sent Florida Water for me made from flowers prepared on my mother's behalf. Her offerings helped me remember that with grief, there is always love. Thank you Dionne for bringing your considerable gifts to the world."

Idrissa S, NYC


Dionne C.


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