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Dude! We are totally riding these waves!

So there's this theory about how the continents were formed, right?

Pangea, earthquakes and parts of the planet shifting. I think I remember something about that in science.

And we're on the same planet right? We're all shifting and most of us tend to fight change. These shifts, the bigger they are, the more catastrophic they are, the more fearful we are, the more we fight it.

No matter how much we want things to go back to the way they were, that is not how time works. It’s just not gonna happen.

You have been on this journey with me for a minute. Thank you for that too! So you remember “Standing Over the San Andreas Fault” and “Pain Cures the Pain” right? (If not, that’s okay. They were previous emails. If you're curious, I can send them your way. You’re welcome.)

I’m curious… what if we could welcome these seismic shifts?

What if we could create a state of being that is excited about change and moves with the shifts almost like surfing?

There's some science behind all of this stuff. And at the very core of it, we are made of water and we can find a flow with these seismic shifts. I know we can, because I have. Transformation is possible.

The Story Collider has invited me to speak with their next cohort of storytellers and the theme is SEISMIC SHIFTS. I love telling a good story. I’ll be sharing about a tidbit on how I have personally surfed these shifts. How I’ve found ways to embrace the change even when the change is scary and unwelcome.

NOTE: I am equally scared and excited to be a story teller live in-person in my hometown of NYC. Even if you cannot attend in-person, you can watch the livestream from the comfort of anywhere. I’d love to meet you there if at all possible, and you can hear a bit of my journey out loud from my own voice. Win-win.

If you can't make it, tell a friend or three, get the live stream and have a viewing party. Hint-hint.

The Story Collider SEISMIC SHIFTS Monday, July 24th 7 - 8:30pm EDT

Seating is limited.

I will have autographed copies of my book to sell too.

I know that you've already dealt with some seismic shifts in your life. Share your story, respond to this newsletter with your stories of seismic shifts you’re dealing with or have dealt with. It makes my day when I hear from you.

Cheers to you as you ride these waves! I see you. I am proud of you.

INjoy, dionne Author, Coach & Chief Joy Connector #LiveLifeINjoy

P.S. I hope you were able to unplug last week for a bit and are currently finding ease with all of the seismic shifts in your life. I thoroughly enjoyed unplugging by the ocean. Remember, you can always schedule time to chat with me and we can figure out how I can best support you through the rough shifts.

Go Beyond with Dionne!

You can follow me and chat more on the following social media channels:

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