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My life is an earthquake in progress

Hear me out. You might be tired of hearing about the San Andreas fault, but you’ll like this. As I said, hear me out.

I know a lot of things and science wasn't generally my jam, but I really feel like I'm living in that place where things are shifting on the right side but the left can't see them. But when you feel them, WHOA!

Case and Point:

The 12th anniversary of my daughter's death. I have a whole blog post talking about that day and how June 29th, 2011 is my personal 9/11. It is a day that up until 2023 had been debilitating and painful, but I've been consciously making small changes.

One change was establishing a policy that made June a "light work" month. I basically had to acknowledge that my brain wasn't functioning in any way that was particularly helpful to my productivity, so I might as well follow my brain and chill.

I also gave myself permission to not be okay. That might sound simple, but I’ve been taught and trained culturally, ethnically, astrologically, theatrically, dance, pedagogically, basically in every aspect of my being, to do and be the best.

But you know what??! The best changes. The best shifts.

You know I'm a green chick always looking at what ideal practices are in global sustainability. Always tryna reduce my carbon footprint.

I recognize that I am a force of nature and if I am a force of nature, I shift as nature shifts.

Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how empowering that realization has been. To learn that I don't have to be damn near perfect and zipped up tight all the time was, and is, a game-changer.

I can be vulnerable. My best one day might be 50% and that's not a fail because it's the best of what I had to give on that given day.

I, as my mother would tell you, have been working on self-development and growth from when I first read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs as a child. I didn't really like what they said about Aries regarding our tempers and perceived arrogance. Right then I made a decision. I would NOT to be all those negative things.

Fast forward to 56 years on the planet. I am persistently changing and shifting. These shifts are a lifetime of tiny adjustments repeated over a multitude of years. These specific tiny shifts are the squats and strength building that I've made. Collectively, in the twelve years since my daughter died each one has made me stronger and smarter.

It has been a...

(wait for it)


I really don't try to be corny. This is just how my brain works. Sorry not sorry.

The Story Collider SEISMIC SHIFTS Monday, July 24th 7 - 8:30pm EDT

Seismic Shift is happening and we’re going to talk about it. This might be my last email reminder about the phenomenal speaking event on Monday, July 24th. I am super excited and equally scared.

A girlfriend of mine wrote a book and it came along with a sticker that is on my wall. I'm scared & doing it anyway.

I really hope you'll join me. I'm excited to speak to people in-person about the seismic shifts in my life and hear others tell their stories.

Everybody likes a good sale right? I even have a discount code for you. Use COLLIDE5 and you get $5 off.

Whether you can make it or not, buy a ticket. If you buy the livestream ticket, you can have a viewing party. Tell a friend or 3 to join you. Please and thank you.

See you on Monday, July 24th!

INjoy, dionne Author, Coach & Chief Joy Connector #LiveLifeINjoy

P.S. Wanna hear what happened with the rat sighting in my home before I went on vacation? Lemme know. 😉

P.P.S. A group of us read the book We Should All Be Millionaires and about 15 of my friends and I are taking on her challenge to make $10,000 in 10 days. I'll tell you more about that next week. Please keep reading the newsletters and make sure you are following me on social media.

You can follow me and chat more on the following social media channels:

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