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Oops! Who thought spelling would be this hard?

Hey there! Me again… I made a big oops in my last email.

You already know I'm speaking at The Story Collider on Monday July 24th at 8pm EDT.

I gave you a code you can use to get $5 off tickets. But I spelled the code wrong.

Really, I capitalized it wrong.

To get $5 off tickets to the Seismic Shifts talk use code: Collide5. The discount code is good for in-person tickets and livestream.

​Follow this link to buy your tickets.​

Sorry for the confusion.

See you soon!



Author, Coach & Chief Joy Connector

You can follow me and chat more on the following social media channels:

Instagram @DionneCMonsanto​


Facebook @DionneCMonsantoINjoy​

Twitter @JoyousOcean​

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