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2012 Resolutions. Hmm. It is already the end of January and 2012 is not feeling so new anymore. How are you doing with those resolutions? Did you start yet? You painstakingly came up with a list of the solutions REgarding your life; solutions to the "problems" in your life. Do you even remember your new year's re-solutions? No worries.


Right NOW.

You can resolve be better than you were yesterday. You can decide to be great. You can live in this perfect moment. You can live in the MORE you desire.

Do 1 more push-up. Do 1 more sit-up. Shred 1 more envelope. Donate 1 more dollar to charity. Save 1 more dollar for your future.

COMMIT to taking 1 action step toward your greatness. It is not too late. Life only happens NOW. With this breath, with this thought, in this moment commit to an action...

You already thought of it. Just say it, write it and DO it. Make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Tell me how it goes for you. I always love hearing from you.

You know what? If you make this ONE resolution, today and every day you won't need anymore new year's resolutions.

"Today I resolve to be the best person I can be and accept myself as I am."

Think it

Say it

Write it

Do it

Enlist support

Hire a coach

Invest in your greatness

YOU are worth the time, money and effort.

I believe in you. Now go make magic happen in your life and tell me all about it.



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