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Moving, living, LOVING. Loving so boldly, so loudly, so unapologetically ME, that it only makes sense that my love of learning has brought me to this space of being myself. Fully living out loud and sharing my gifts with YOU and the world.

As I reflect on who I am today and the many hats I wear and how I have become an expert, it's been interesting to say the least. So many births, deaths, places, countries on this journey. Different states of mind, different states in the USA. Tears of joy, physical pain and/or sadness. Marriages, divorces, dates, lovers, endings, beginnings. A lifelong battle with weight management (size 4 - 2x at 5”0” tall) has led me to a deep respect and understanding of my emotional body. A lifelong journey of connecting to people that I love, speaking for the underdogs, and “being” a stand for love and possibility in spaces where love did not live and hope was unseen. This journey has been falling down and getting up and healing bruises and making salves to heal my insides and my outsides. Going to school to get my papers; BS in Accounting, Living Food Lifestyle, coaching, multiple yoga teacher training certificates, CPR, mental health first aid, etc. Getting good grades and failing! Getting back up again over and over to master recovery from the school of hard knocks, life experience. Healing myself, loving myself at every size and letting go, letting go, letting go to build. Licking my wounds and showing up head to toe healing. Deeply infused with essential oils, love, coconut oil, shea butter, and baobab oil.



Joy is my blessing

Joy is my birthright

Joy is my weapon

I am living my life INjoy

INjoy is the adverb that modifies my life

My purpose is to proudly connect you to your joy, to your inner health, and your well-being - not just a size in life but a way of being that connects you to yourself and creates a life filled with abundance. My best choreography is the way I live my life and how I move in the world. I create and inspire joy whether I'm teaching yoga, delivering a speech, or educating someone on suicide prevention and mental health advocacy. I am an expert at turning pain into power. #siwelives

I am my business, my brand, my creation…

I am the Chief Joy Connector.

Let’s choreograph your life, your body, your way of being!

Let’s Play!

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