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"When you realize how perfect everything is, you will throw your head back and laugh at the sky." -Buddha

It is my 53rd birthday! #ariesgohard Absolutely nothing is as I planned it and that is perfect. Not perfect as in, nothing out of place. But perfect, as in all things are divinely as they should be. I am where I should be and experiencing life as it comes. Ups. Downs. Births. Deaths. The cycles of life. #thisis53 #nofilter

I started my day on my yoga mat practicing Baptiste yoga with my Lyons Den Power Yoga family. I am a #globalcitizen and it was worth it to be with them for the weekday 5pm Happy Hour online class even though it was 12 midnight for me. How divine was it to be "doing the things" (as Bethany Lyons says) with about 300 other people globally on my birthday?! #perfect #NYC #Nairobi #blessed I am finding ways to create deeper connections with myself and others while "socially distancing."

How can you shift your perspective today and find joy and see what is "perfect?" I would sincerely like to hear your answer.



P.S. Follow me on Instagram (@dionnecmonsanto) I will post different things throughout the day in my stories as I celebrate my life in this time of #therona.

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