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Updated: May 9, 2023

If you are, CONGRATULATIONS! Please share your joy and passion with others. It is a service to humanity for others to bear witness to your joy. If you are not, why not? What is preventing you from living a joy-filled life? What is "stealing" your joy? Martin H. Fischer said, "Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth." I say, you should live it INjoy.

I ask, are you doing the work necessary to make that happen? If this were all there were, and there were no more... would it be enough? You don't have to answer me (unless you choose to do so), but please have this dialogue with yourself. These are things I ask myself constantly. Thank you for being a part of my village, sight unseen, voice unheard. Thank you. I honor the divinity within you and believe you deserve to live a life filled with joy, regardless of any and all life situations.

Join me on my journey to be an expert. I am deeply committed to connecting YOU to joy from the inside out. Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts. Follow me, tell me you want to receive my musings.

I am Living my life INjoy, dionne

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