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"Challenge accepted!" said the Universe 🙄

So... is it just me, or does this happen to you too?

The Universe is consistently listening to our statements and I am persistently talking about all the things that I do to feed my soul and enhance my mental health.

So the eavesdropping Universe responded with, ‘Oh yeah. 'Let's see how she handles this curve ball.' (Yes I said what I said, the Universe is an eavesdropper.)

I need the internet to work from home and have a backup internet service. What if both of them break down at the same time? Now what are you going to do? And then they did.

You have many plans to do X in the universe. Well now you need to do Y.

Well, whether this happens to you or not, I'm pleased to announce that this experiment, that I did not sign up for, has worked really well for me.

Success requires planning. Planning requires flexibility.

In my recent course, 5 Ways to Move From Surviving To Thriving, I taught that there were all kinds of ways to move from surviving to thriving. K-I-N-D-S being the acronym to help you remember.

K - Know yourself

I - Inspire inner child

N - Needs assessment

D - Decide

S - Success soundtrack

Since I know myself and was at my wits end. I couldn't play my soundtrack around my home or do my work because of the internet being down... Something had to happen.

My inner child loves to play but was too emotionally drained to play. I needed respite. I decided to lean into community. I did so through acupuncture, making space in my home by purging items, hosting a friend in my home, and to hang out with friends. I called people and checked on them so I could provide support and be supported when I felt as though the world was spinning out underneath me. I allowed my community to hold space for my grief, tears, and frustrations.

What I needed to do was to step away from the things that I was doing. Take deep breaths. Read poetry. Read a book. A few books even. I didn't complete them but reading gave my brain space to figure out solutions. Take a bath. I unplugged at home.

Oh, and I went to yoga. A lot of yoga. I took myself out to a club and dance. I also went to this fabulous event in Brooklyn called DanceAfrica. I've been attending and performing in it for over 20 years! I danced and cried there too.

My emotional cup needed to be filled. I filled it.

​So I ask you my friends:

  • How has the universe challenged you lately?

  • How have you passed tests like this?

  • What challenges have you overcome despite the universe throwing curve balls at you? AND

  • How did you do it?

I would sincerely love to hear your answers but even if you don’t tell me, I do hope you share it with someone. You are doing and have done some amazing things and I am pretty sure you do not give yourself enough credit. Most of us downplay our successes even if we take the time to acknowledge that we did accomplish a thing.

This is an invitation to savor your success and sharing it with someone is an anchor. It could also be the inspiration you need to inspire yourself and others. Getting myself out of a funk is a muscle I have learned to flex and take pride in my recovery time.

Today happens to be the last day of May, Mental Health Awareness Month. The conversations I have had publicly and privately consistently help me grow. I’d like to think they help others grow too.

Be kind to yourself, there are all “kinds” of ways to thrive in life when we pay attention to our cues.


dionne Author, Coach & Chief Joy Connector #LiveLifeINjoy

P.S. I had the pleasure to be in conversation with Farai Chideya recently on Our Body Politic. I love this podcast in general and thoroughly enjoyed this conversation in particular. We discussed how to cultivate joy and wellness within ourselves and the world of fitness and movement. Click the link below, listen to the episode, and let me know your thoughts.

P.P.S. You in DC? Hit me up. I will be in DC this weekend for the AFSP Overnight walk on Saturday, Jun 3, 2023. Either way, please send me good vibes as I walk with others to bring suicide awareness out of the darkness.

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