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Updated: May 9, 2023

So I have been really focused on my body. Felt like my trinity was out of balance. I was so focused on my "to dos" that my mind was overworked and althought my spirit was at peace, my body was out of shape and overworked. Today was day 8 of my personal fitness challenge. I've been finding ways to work out on a daily basis. Fitness has to be a part of my daily life for it to work. It as to be who I am and not something to do. I already do a lot for myself and others and it cannot be and item on the list.

I invite you to join me. Dance is a part of who I am but I often GO to dance class or GO out to dance. It has been a fun 8 days thus far. Walking. Dancing. Going to the gym. Taking stairs instead of elevators. Putting ankle weights on and walking around my house. Fit for life. But I have to say that the most fun I have, is putting on a song and dancing around the house with my kids. My daughter and I have spontaneous choreography. Seriously. She is good... Wonder where she gets that from? My baby boy he holds his own too... not be outdone by the ladies. My eldest, if he is around, he just shakes his head at us. If we are lucky he will deejay from his Mac.

Click play. Wunmi's energy is contagious. Join her. Join me. Osunlade's beat is contagious. Get someone else up and dance. Good schoolyard fun. Go play! Get up. Dance. "Jack it with some bass..."

Keep on dancing and you'll never grow old. Join me. Be fit for life. Go play! Play can connect you to your joy.



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