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Updated: May 9, 2023

It has been a lifelong goal of mine, to be happy.

I recall a friend of mine asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. We were still young adults, finding our way in the world, and he had a conflict with my answer which was simply, "Happy." He said, "No, like what do you want to DO?" And my response was, "I don't know, but whatever it is I want to be happy." He felt that "happy" was not a sufficient goal, nor could happiness be a goal and we discussed it at length. We eventually agreed to disagree and moved on. Maybe 10 years later, he called and said, "I've been thinking about what you said and I agree." He is an old friend, and our conversations NEVER end. They are "parliamentary," we merely "table" discussions. Without actually stating it, our conversations seem to be run by Robert's Rules of Order. Seriously. However, since no one actually takes notes and meetings are not scheduled, I was clearly at a loss as I stood with the telephone in my hand and my brain churning to recall what I had said and when. We had not spoken in a while. So when he clarified his statement, it was a combustible moment for me. My mind imploded with memories. I saw and felt the discussion of SO many years prior. WOW. I was humbled at the depth of our friendship and his commitment to exploration. He was still thinking about that. He remembered our disagreement. So many kids, years, relationships later it was powerful enough for his mind to continue to consider this possibility. Wow. (Or maybe he was pretty darn bored. Hmm. I will stick with the former conclusion.)

Now clearly life has not always been in support of my personal commitment to happiness. But I remain steadfast. I have created many a mantra to remind myself of this commitment when happiness is but a mere memory. The last line of one favorite mantra is, "I am living my life, INjoy." I affirm this to myself on a daily basis. It has become my tagline. MANY of my friends have made it their own. I chuckle when I see it used by someone else. When I customize my personal checks, it is above the signature line. When I sign my personal emails, the closing is INjoy. One friend/author, David Rivera Jr., actually put it in one of his books, I think it was the 4th one. Imitation is the best form of flattery, dig it. So, I am now published. Sweet. LOL. I am cool with spreading this "virus."

People talk about wearing "rose-colored" glasses. Well, joy is the lens through which I see my life and I consciously choose to live my life INjoy. Every day, moment, every second. I commit to fully experiencing all things, painful or not, INjoy. As difficult as some life experiences are, I can learn from them. I seek out the joy and jump into it.

INjoy is an adverb, it modifies how I live. I hope you will join me as...

I am living my life



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