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I am ready.

I am resourceful.

I am prepared.

All too often the universe presents us with a new circumstance. We deem it as unrealistic or impossible and ignore it the first time. It comes up again. We think it is an odd coincidence. We say I CANNOT. We say I AM NOT READY. It comes up again and we still do not seize the growth opportunity.

Honor the universe. Honor yourself. Acknowledge there is a higher force guiding your growth and seize the opportunity. Accept the fact that you are living in FEAR and the universe knows you have been crawling for far TOO long and are ready to walk. Seize the opportunity. Stretch your self-imposed limits and do it.

You are ready. Your are resourceful. You are prepared. I say this to you. I say this to myself. Let's do it together! If you fall, you CAN get back up again. Remember the blog, I am scared and doing it anyway? Well... GO FOR IT! Let me know what happens. INjoy, dionne

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