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Updated: May 9, 2023

I have got to tell you about how I was speeding to Lawrenceville, for parent teacher conferences and got pulled over on the New Jersey Turnpike. The officer was pleasant and professional.

My name is Dionne and I live life in the fast lane.

I was already looking for my registration and insurance card and thinking, “Dagnabit Dionne! Why haven’t you cleaned out the glove compartment!” before he got to the car. I vaguely knew I was speeding but was not aware of how much as I talked to my friend and fellow Lawrenceville parent about life and kids. I was concerned that I had not found the correct registration, but gave him my driver’s license and the registration that had expired on 7/16/2010. (SMH. Why was that still in my glove compartment?? I am seriously going to have to talk to Dionne about this later.) He asked where I was going and I said I was heading to Lawrenceville and had to meet with one of my science teachers by 9 am. He asked me if I had any points on my license, I told I had none. He said, “Let me see what I can do.”

Being Aries, I used this time to clean out the glove compartment. Uh, maybe I should not tell you that I had an insurance card from 2005 in there. Well, the glove compartment is clean now. All of the old paperwork has been recycled.

The officer returned, I offered him the correct registration and he said that was not necessary. He returned my license and expired registration to me along with a ticket. He told me that my left tail light was out and I needed to get it fixed. He pointed out the court date on the and the county on the ticket and told me to drive carefully and be careful when I pulled back on to the highway. I thanked him and wished him a good weekend. It was Friday morning after all.

My daughter dozed through most of this but woke up to say, “That was nice right? I mean what he did was really nice, right?” “Yes baby,” I answered. “That was REAL nice.”

There are angels in our midst. I thanked him profusely in the universe and wish I could write a letter singing his praises to his boss. Even if you are speeding along through life, the angels can catch you.

I pullout slowly and carefully, set my cruise control for 65 mph, the stated speed limit and we discussed plotting an alternate route since our normal route would not get us there on time. My TomTom is being repaired, I am driving and cannot use google maps since I am driving. Michelle pulls out her Blackberry Torch and plots the route that avoids route 1.

We do have to drive further and pay a toll. But we arrived at 8:48 am. Safe, sound and prompt for my meetings.

My name is Dionne and I live life in the fast lane. Sometimes things are a bit blurry, from the lack of sleep, or the break neck speed at which all things occur both mentally and physically. However, all that I can see I appreciate. All that I can sense supports and guides me. All that I do is done to the best of my ability.

Why didn’t that police officer write me the speeding ticket that I had earned? I doubt I looked like his mother. Maybe his favorite teacher in school? I do not know. But, in my humble opinion, it had everything to do with my energy. I radiated peace and love from the joyous ocean of my heart.

Basically, I loved him and he loved me back. SWEET.

My name is Dionne and I live my life INjoy, while in the fast lane. I like the analogies that are driven by the work of Jullien Gordon. He founded the Department of Motivated Vehicles. With that in mind, I've realized that I am a motivated vehicle and sometimes I have to speed to keep up with myself.



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