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So if you have met me, you know I drink a LOT of tea. Some tea bags have great quotes or thoughts on them.

"Inspiration is an unlimited power." -Yogi tea bag wisdom

WOW! Those few words sent my brain into a whirlwind of thoughts and more importantly QUESTIONS.

These are some questions I asked and am still answering for myself. I would love you to join me in answering these questions.

  1. Who do you inspire?

  2. Who inspires you?

  3. What inspires you?

  4. How are you inspired?

  5. What does inspiration look like for you?

ONE. As a life coach, certified Bikram yoga teacher and public speaker, I would like to believe I inspire everyone I interact with. While I am often told that I am inspirational. Each and every time I hear this, I am surprised, thankful and CURIOUS. Humbled because I believe impacting another life is powerful. Surprised because I do not see myself as being any more capable that the person speaking to me. We are not separated, we are one, we reflect each other's greatness, power and potential. Thankful because they shared the fact that they were inspired with me. That simple act of sharing makes it CO-inspirational because I receive the message that I should keep doing what I am doing. Living my life as an open book, telling my story, listening to your story and reflecting your greatness. TWO. So many people inspire me. My husband Attorney Roger Wareham. My children, Sule, Siwe & Eric. (Yes even in death Siwe continues to inspire me. #siwelives). My mother, my grandmother, Sallome Hralima, Jack Canfield, Iyanla Vanzant, Virginia Kellogg, Adam Roper, Oprah, Jacqueline Rosa, I could go on. But each of them have a passion and tenacity about something in their lives and they have fought valiantly to achieve. THREE. Quotes. Actions. Words. Love. Nature. Butterflies. Water. FOUR. As I move through my life as a participant and and observer there are WOW moments. What Oprah calls her AHA moments. So it is a flip of a switch in my mind. Like I was inspired to share this with you from a few simple words...

"Inspiration is an unlimited power." -Yogi tea bag wisdom


Inspiration looks like an explosion for me. The good old Looney Toons black bomb of explosion. I am that bomb and I never know what will ignite that fire and explode me into another level of consciousness.

Be inspired. I would love to hear from you. Send a tweet. Email a message. Post a comment. Be INSPIRED.



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