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Sometime you have to step back to see the big picture. I still see myself as a medium to connect people to their joy. As I continually experiment with myself, teaching yoga has become one of my favorite ways to connect people to their joy. I am consistently humble and surprised by the depth of my impact on my students.

I absolutely LOVE expanding my view by traveling so the opportunity is the BEST for me because I get to:

  1. travel to Kenya!

  2. be in service via the Africa Yoga Project which created in 2007 to train youth and build the wellness industry so that previously un- or under-employed youth from marginalized communities earn a self-sustaining income as community leaders who have the ability to build healthy, wellness-promoting communities.

  3. earn a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate.

This is clearly a WIN, WIN, WIN for me!

Here is where YOU come in. Your tax-deductible donation will make a world of difference for the work that the Africa Yoga Project does in Kenya. PLEASE click here to read more AND donate!



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