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A dear spirit visited me from CT today and she asked me, "What brings me the most joy?" I was momentarily stumped. She thought she new, so she volunteered that my daily Bikram yoga practice was the answer. THAT I immediately knew was NOT the answer. I told her that my daily practice was for me. It was my personal time of reflection with and for me. I do not do as much as I should for myself but... MY YOGA... Well? That. Is. For. Me. It recharges me so I can give. Bikram yoga fixes me when I break myself.

I told her I was a serial helper. We talked about parenting, cooking, blogging and as I observed myself serving her I saw myself in relationship to myself. I am glad to be in relationship with myself. My greatest joy is giving, I give of myself freely and grow from the receiving of my abundant gifts. I love being in service and a couple things I read today reminded me how divine that is.

*pause* thinks *

Yes. That is the right answer.

* inhale* exhale * REPEAT *

My greatest joy is giving, I give of myself freely and grow from those receiving of my abundant gifts.

But what happens when your love is NOT received... This song, Love You’re Given by Jack Garratt has been in (yes IN not ON) my spirit lately. I had never heard of this artist from the UK before I listened to the Lazy Ass Honey-Dipped Soul playlist on Spotify. I immediately saved the song and looked him up. The lyrics are a blog in and of them self! Read them and I think you will agree. #deep

Be gentle with love. Both with the love you give AND the love you are given.



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