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Updated: May 9

I love writing but do not write that much anymore. I mean actual pen on paper. Well not consciously at least. A couple of times this month, a poem has literally poured from me. In general, when words run through my head like that, until I pay heed, I write them down as soon as possible. Sometimes they become a mantra, they repeat in my head like your favorite song on a perpetual loop. The loop continues until I write them down or run into a major life event, hopefully the former. Luckily, I was able to write this one down before life happened. It was born of that peaceful energy last week, the I am the calm in the eye of the storm day.

This poem meant a lot to me because it seemed to represent my energy as a coach. I have over 30 years of performing experience, over 15 years of corporate experience, am a Certified Professional Coach and have been coaching for over 10 years. Connecting people to their essence and their joy in life is my passion. I allow clients to come to me via word of mouth and that has been sufficient up until this point.

Recently a friend challenged me to take my work deeper. I am grateful that I accepted her offer. As a part of my journey to Be the Expert, we were tasked with creating our own super heroes. It was a great exercise, you might like it. I was really intrigued by the process especially when we got to the point about choosing a weapon. I did not want a weapon. So I selected a bag, on this site the identified me as a philanthropist. I was ok with that. In another exercise from Jullien Gordon’s book, the 8 Cylinders of Success, we had to go deeper to identify our powers. I reflected a great deal on what I have heard over the years, comments about how my energy is my greatest asset, which is closely followed by my attitude. I’ve been told that my coaching is fierce but you feel like you are held safely in someone’s arms, that my energy is a sea that envelopes those around me and one can find great joy riding those waves.

joyous ocean

i need not a sword

my joy is my weapon.

send me your tired,

your weary, your overwhelmed.

drop them in my ocean

and let them be cleansed.

may joy be your weapon

come to me

joyous ocean

That is me. It is my pleasure and honor to serve. May joy be your weapon.



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