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Change is the only constant in life. -Heraclitus

August 25th, 2016

The Inaugural Black Yoga Teachers Alliance Conference began. It was held at Kripalu, where I took my first yoga class with Maya Breuer in 1999 at Kripalu as I attended her Yoga Retreat for Women of Color. The 4-day conference was pure magic. It ended on August 28th. My first Bikram yoga class was August 28th, 2006!

I am Fire.

RED. HOT. Fire burns in and through me. It ignites. It cleanses. It warms. It connects things. It transforms.

I seem to reflect on my life on August 25, so it is interesting to see my growth and the updates from my 2015 blog post.

I travel and teach Bikram yoga. In Thailand, I was recertified as a Bikram Yoga Teacher. In Kenya, I attained my 200 hour certificate for Baptiste yoga via the Africa Yoga Project. I work part-time at Lyons Den Power Yoga.

2014 Yellow: SUN

2015 Blue: WATER

2016 Red: FIRE

I am excited by my life and the infinite possibilities before me. #lifeainteasybutitsgood

I am Joyous Ocean

I transmute. I transform. I evolve.

One with nature.

I get scared but I do it anyway.



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