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Resending: Gratitude and Gifts from your Fire Island Yoga Teacher

Hey there to my new friends and familiars!

Can you believe it has been 8 days since we saw each other?!! We thoroughly enjoyed the cabin, the outdoors, the ocean, and more. It was such an action packed weekend. I hope you book some more time this summer at the FIC or other AMC properties. If you are not currently a member I hope you consider joining.

Anyhoo… I have TWO more gifts for you!

I love giving, I hope you are enjoying your Joyous Ocean journal and natural mosquito/tick repellant. I would love to hear your feedback on both. Hopefully you noticed that the journal has my contact information on the inside cover. That business card has a QR code on it as well. Please stay in touch with me.


​If you click here you will receive an email with a few of my favorite chapters of my book for free.



​As promised I have a great photo album for you from our weekend together. Click this link and you can add your photos if you like. I would love to see your pictures too.


If you bought my book, 101 Ways to Live Life INjoy, thanks again! Be sure you get your free journal that accompanies the book. Didn’t see the link? No worries, just respond to this email and we will remedy that.

If you didn’t purchase my book, no worries. You can purchase the e-book on Amazon, kobo, iBook or wherever you buy your digital books. If you ever want an autographed physical copy, you know how to find me.

I did not get to talk to each of you at length and do hope to learn more about you. Our game, 2 TRUTHS AND I LIE, was so much fun but it left me with more questions. I know you have more stories to share and I really want to hear them.

You can book time on my calendar here:​



Author, Coach & Chief Joy Connector

P.S. I hope you find great freedom in the outdoors on this Juneteenth holiday.

You can follow me and chat more on the following social media channels

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