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I gave birth to my daughter and she give birth to me.

It has been 9 months since my daughter died on June 29th, and my birthday was March 28th. I feel as though I was born again on this birthday. It is the:

  • first birthday since her death

  • first birthday outside of corporate America

  • last birthday before I complete Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

My life does not look anything like it did last year at this time, it is fully transformed and I love it. Please note, I would gladly trade it all in to have her alive in my arms. However, this is my reality and I am compelled to acknowledge Siwe’s miraculous part in my re-birth.

The picture above was taken on 3/8/2012, Siwe’s 16th birthday. I am wearing one of her favorite shirts and had an amazing day celebrating her life. Please note the artist that created that piece did not know or meet my daughter. He was not commissioned. It was a "random coincidence." A friend found it while on vacation in Culver City, CA. She bought it, took me to dinner and gave it to me. I am humbled and honored by her generosity. I am in awe of the power that artists have to connect to the divine and I am thankful that I own this masterpiece of my beloved Siwe.

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. -Gladys Browyn Stern

Thank you Siwe. Thank you Mom. Thank you Sheryl Maynard.

Life is short. Write a note of thanks to someone and mail it or deliver it. Yes... Paper, pen and "snail" mail. Express gratitude to those you love while they can appreciate it.



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