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Gripping title huh? I did not come up with it. That is the creative genius that is Najda Khan.

I meet some amazing woman May 2019 in Kenya. One such woman was Najda Khan. I loved listening to her speak and I thought her life was a book I could devour. I was am an still in awe of her ability to stand in her power, love and create. She also saw value and healing in my story and decided to have me as her inaugural guest as he was launching The Big Fat Talk Show. I had so much to say and there are so may layers to my story, Siwe's story she make it 2 episodes. #siwelives You can click the links and watch the interviews: part 1 and part 2.

This interview launched a year ago so it is our anniversary, several anniversaries. Meeting Najda, visiting her in her home to film, meeting her as we prepared our stories for dadasphere 8 (Endings and Beginnings), and the anniversary of her launching The Big Fat Talk Show.

I have been thinking a lot about my story as a host of people suggest that I write a book. It has come up a lot in the past 10-15 years, I am not sure why I do not do it. I am a product of all of my stories just as you are. My stories make me a better teacher, public speaker, coach and mental health advocate. I am not ashamed of my story, I tell various chapters often.

Listen in. Let me know your thoughts.



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